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Carla supplied wine, rum, and beer to early settlers on the coast of Australia & New Zealand in the gold rush days under Captain H.F. Buck, John’s Great Grandfather

J G DaceyJ G Dacey

Managing Director

John has worked in the Australian and New Zealand wine industry for forty years. Racing yachts has been his passion and he continues to follow races with his crew, which include winemakers and winery owners.  After racing, they celebrate with a bottle of wine selected by his father, who was a wine expert and worked in the industry for many years. John and his father worked together in opening Cook’s Wine with NZ Prime Minister Robert Muldoon and his guests.

Today we use 3D Design tools for wine flow analysis and tank engineering construction along with automation & control for wine management.

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Email: info@lpe.co.nz


Davis EdvinDavis Edvin

Marketing Officer

Davis came to New Zealand to study sales and marketing at MIT Manukau. He joined the team at Liquid Processing Equipment Limited as the Sales and Marketing Intern and later made his position permanent. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering and specializes in thermodynamics and thermal engineering. He previously worked as a mechanical supervisor for a steel trading company in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. He is highly energetic and is always motivated to get the work done. He is always the first point of contact.  Outside work Davis has a passion for football & basketball and is always seen gathering knowledge about sailing from John.

Phone : +64 7 866 0374


Darrin RossDarrin Ross

Design Engineer

I have 30 years experience in process industries designing production equipment and managing industrial projects.My career began designing materials handling equipment and more recently liquid process systems incorporating tanks, piping, and structural elements. I have been using 3D design software for many years now and have found customers appreciate a far better insight into the finished form of the plant than traditional 2D drawing provide. This allows for better input in the design process and fewer changes later in the project which can be costly and disruptive to the schedule.

Phone : +64 7 866 0374

Email: info@lpe.co.nz

Nick NobiloNick Nobilo

Winemaking Consultant

Nicks passion for making wine has established him as one of New Zealand’s most respected wine authorities he is regarded a pioneer of the modern New Zealand wine industry. Nick will celebrate 55 years of winemaking in 2016. The country’s emergence as a producer of premium, New World wines is due in no small part to his vision and innovation.


Eric Dittmer

Sales Engineer

My experience in sales goes back quite a number of years from selling real estate to selling wine meat and honey but in the last few years I have been involved with LPE selling and advising on wine beer and honey processing plants and the machinery associated with those industries

Phone : +64 7 866 0374

Email: info@lpe.co.nz