Vinoptima Estate Vineyard and Winery




As part of a longer-term succession plan for the business, expressions of interest are invited for the purchase of a minimum of 90% of the shares in Vinoptima Wines Limited. It is intended that the assets of Vinoptima Estate Limited be transferred into a new company to be incorporated under the name Vinoptima Wines Limited (or similar), owned solely by Nobilo family interests. The assets include vineyards, winery, plant, equipment, stock and the Vinoptima brand. Vinoptima Wines Limited is seeking an equity partner to take a minimum 90% shareholding in the new business. Nobilo family interests are prepared to retain the balance of shares in Vinoptima Wines Limited. with an approved purchaser. The new business is valued at NZ$8.0m and the purchase price for 90% of the shares in Vinoptima Wines Limited is NZ$7.2m. This Information Memorandum is based upon information supplied by the Trustee of the NT Nobilo Family Trust, solely for the use by prospective buyers in considering an acquisition of the shares of the business. For information on this investment contact us at














Fresh Milk & Yogurt Processing Factory



Investment for a new dairy factory is available that will produce fresh milk & yogurt for local and established export markets, the new production facility will be built to meet high standards and include green engineering technology. The new dairy factory is designed to enable more production along with automation & control systems to ensure high-quality dairy products for valued customers. New Zealand Dairy cows are the most productive natural grass feed cattle in the world, produce high-quality dairy milk for the world over. For information on this investment contact us at












Manuka Honey & Cosmetics Facility

Processing facility for Manuka Cosmetics & Manuka Honey.

Existing land building and production, unique product offer with manuka honey and cosmetic formulated range for export markets.



  For further details contact or











Science-Based Ready to Drink Infant & Age Care Nutrition


Working with our food technologist using advanced 3D mechanical engineering design tools LPE has developed a state-of-the-art production hall for liquid ready to drink infant & age care formulated nutrition.The design process involves detailed knowledge of technical workings of equipment and through the understanding of this highly regulated product, we developed fully automated & ASEPTIC engineering design. Investment in this project can be obtained by contacting us at

















Long Life UHT Milk Production Plant



LPE has designed and developed processes for packaging UHT milk in HDPE using in-house blow molding and ASEPTIC filling process, contact us at  for an insight of our process design and a copy of this unique investment opportunity.



















Infant and Age Care Milk Powder Facility


Designed to meet highly regulated Government QA & documentation requirements, our engineering design team provide full turnkey solutions for design and construction of the validated facility. To know more about this project contact us at














Dairy Spray Drying Facility



  • The 50-acre site
  • Land & Buildings
  • Capacity 20 tones per hour
  • Product whole milk and skim milk powder
  • Turn Key fully Managed & Validated









Existing Vineyard with Planning for new free flow winery for sale



  • Green Engineering Technology.
  • Free Flow Gravity processing design.
  • Complete bottling hall with special CIP process.
  • Low running costs, unique process.


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